Executive Team

Todd Gould, CEO and CTO

Todd founded Loren Data Corp in 1987 as a means of working his way through UCLA. Loren Data quickly established itself by developing all the operational software for Patrick Media Group (now Clear Channel Outdoor). Specializing in Novell Netware development, Todd proved that network based computing could  rival  even the most elaborate mainframe systems.

Todd led Loren Data Corp in the development of Electronic Commerce Purchasing Systems for the US Air Force, and much of the 1990s were spent developing government-related commerce systems. In 1994, Loren Data delivered the first email-based subscription service for the Commerce Business Daily (now FBO Daily). World-Wide EDI became the first DoD certified, web-based EDI system in 1997. ECGrid® was conceived and implemented as the first wholesale EDI interchange routing and interconnect infrastructure. A who’s who of commerce networks use ECGrid to quickly and reliably support their customers. With the introduction of Unified AS2, and the market-proven ECGridOS API, ECGrid is now recognized as the most advanced EDI trading partner management and communications  platform. As the only EDI VAN with native, OS like programmability, ECGrid is becoming the first choice of the system integrator and B2B developer.

Kristine Finlay, General Manager

Kristine has been with Loren Data since 1999, initially as an advisor, and presently as Loren’s General Manager. Kristine contributes over twenty years of enterprise contracting and management expertise from her previous positions at SAIC and Hughes Aircraft Company. She holds a Master’s degree in Organizational Management from Antioch University – Santa Barbara, and an undergraduate degree in English from University of California, Santa Barbara. Kristine completed certification as a mediator in 2001, and is two-time Ironman® triathlete .

Crystal Kuczynski, Vice President, Network Operations

Crystal was Former Data Operations Analyst at SPS Commerce, and now runs Loren Data Corp’s Network Operations.

Crystal  is  responsible for Loren Data’s industry leading customer service, business development and general operations.  Prior to joining Loren Data, Crystal worked at SPS Commerce, an industry leader in EDI and SaaS-based training, in various capacities from 2000 until 2003.  She is currently on the Board of Directors for The Power of One Foundation, a non-profit organization leading the fight against school-age bullying as well as Christina International High School, a fully accredited online high school.  She is also a JDRF mentor, helping newly diagnosed children of Type 1 Diabetes and their families cope with a new diagnosis.

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